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Powerful, Intuitive Readings and Guidance

Astroparrotry - Informed Divining


Hi, my name is Kika.

Astro Parrots exists to offer powerful readings / healing sessions.

From answering direct questions regarding any aspect of your life, regular astrology interpretation, to assisting in existential shifts, these sessions are based on sound astrological discipline, as well, as many years experience as a hypnotherapist, energy healer, bodyworker and a facilitator of deep teacher plant initiations for hundreds of people.


Within our body an architecture exists, a physical layer with tangible parameters, upon which we have no control. This layer has a measurable influence on our being, and is in constant motion.

Our ancestors used astrology as the original basis for practice of medicine.

In these times of fundamental shift, and deeper exploration of who we are, knowing this layer is fundamentally beneficial in the process. Knowing a blueprint of celestial structures, and consciously choosing our interaction with them, restores us as responsible architects of our spirit, mind and body once again.

Our engagement has been playing out without conscious knowing for a long time. Its entry into our minds delimits illusions of duality extremes and empowers ancient sovereignty.

It is simple and pragmatic to accept every astrologer as a unique filter for the supremely vast body of universal knowledge, necessary to interpret.




I have studied astrology with Rod Suskin in Cape Town and graduated with a three year diploma in 2011. Since then reading astrology charts has become an exciting addition to my work.

Until 2005 my work was to develop IT systems for corporate finance houses in RSA and UK. Born in Poland and having emigrated in 1981, the IT industry supported demands of a new language and my growing family.

After 20 years my artificial systems brain was satisfied with abstract assignments and I turned focus to matters closer to organic life. I studied psychology without graduating, as a hypnotherapy course grabbed my interest and time. I graduated in 2004 as a South African Hypnotherapy Association therapist and started working full time as one in 2005. Three years later I began the three year course at Rod Suskin School of Astrology.

2008 was also the beginning of my work with teacher plants. In 2013 I began making and serving some of the plant medicines. Within that time I also became an Integrated Bodywork practitioner.In 2016 I became a member of the South African Traditional Doctors Union.

Right at the beginning of Covid lockdowns I left the city of Cape Town and spent much of the following two and a half years in the country and often in isolation.
Now in my sixties I feel excited about online opportunities, whilst keeping my hands busy making more plant medicine and taking people on initiation journeys.

Next to working with people, my favorite activity is simple living on a small farm, harvesting and preserving live foods.

















Customised to your preference:

Half hour parrotcast (personal astro podcast)

€50 - SA:R500

One hour online consultation

€70 - SA:R800

Open-ended healing session min 1hour

€10 per 10min







Send an email with your request to kika@astroparrots.com including your date/time/place of birth.

For horary readings, birth details are not necessary (it is only yes/no questions).

It usually takes around 24hrs to set up an appointment.



Free meditations available on my YouTube channel. Please visit to see the full list.

Use these whenever you find yourself in need of a bit of focus in dealing with some issue.

I also have a list of premium meditations available on request.

Premium Hypnotic Guided Meditations

Stop Smoking
Weight Loss - Thinking Thin
Burn Out
Cure Insomnia
Memory And Recall
Improve Public Speaking
Musical Performance
Overcoming Depression
Chronic Pain
Panic Attacks
Pain And Healing
Adjust Perfectionism
Study Aids
Breast Radiation Therapy
Immune System
Improve Handwriting

€10 - SA:R150

Free Hypnotic Guided Meditations
(Listen on Youtube)

Cannabis Smoking Addiction
Overcoming Depression
Manage Your Stress
Fear Of Flying
Sleep Induction
Gaming Addiction
Stop Gambling
Anger Management
Chakras Balancing
Grinding Teeth
Sweet Tooth
Excessive Sweating
Weight Loss - Portion Control
Speed Typing