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Looking for CBD tinctures or CBD Oil Oral Drops? We have a select range of cannabidiol (CBD) oils, also known as CBD tinctures or CBD oil oral drops. Here you'll find everything you need to get started and enjoy the numerous benefits of CBD.



The plants growing outdoors on our 100 hectare land come from various seed houses specialising in medicinal and other strains. We have been cultivating and experimenting with various plants for 30 years, developing different cannabis strains with different properties.  

Some of our plants came from mother plants and have been developed over many plant generations – with the inclusion of some well-known African species such as Malawi Gold and Durban Poison. 

Most of our medicinal seeds are carefully chosen from international seed houses with a solid reputation in the world of medicinal cannabis applications.


Our medicinal plants are chosen for:

  • A broad spectrum of variables focused on healing application
  • Varying CBD/THC ratios
  • Varying Indica and Sativa combinations
  • Robustness to thrive in an outdoor environment to maintain plant integrity


Petroleum derived solvents are essentially poisonous.  They are isopropol alcohol, butane, benzine, naphtha.

In addition, some extraction methods overheat the plant considerably, diminishing its capacity whilst making it more mind altering -  creating an illusion that is stronger and thus better!


  • We use only pure food-grade ethanol made from grain
  • We maintain temperatures below 100°C throughout all stages of the production process
  • We maximize the value of the plant – whilst minimising any reason for over-oxidation
  • We take care to be influenced by the dynamic alchemy available in all of nature


  • Our plants are growing outdoors in virgin soil which has been prepared organically for seven years by a grower with 30 years of growing experience in different outdoor environments.

  • Multiple spring water sources bring crystal clear water to the plants. The plants are never subjected to the vicissitudes of too little or too much rain – resulting in issues with mould and other pestilences.

  • The surrounding environment is pollution free and rich in diverse indigenous flora, animal and  insect activity. These organic workings, coupled with ample sunshine, support our genetically safe, robust and nutrient-optimised plants.

  • It is a 100% natural, good bacteria-friendly, life-supporting system gifted to us by nature - void of any unfriendly chemicals.

  • We constantly upgrade our environment to be even more conducive to natural pestilence predators – for example praying mantises, dragon flies, lady bugs, bees, frogs, snakes, birds etc.


Seeking consultation from your personal health practitioner and/or our experienced consultant is advisable before you start taking CBD products.

Please check the 'CONCERNS' section for more details.


If you have never taken oil before, never smoked cannabis and know yourself to be sensitive or cautious, try a tincture first. 

Start small to test the effect first. 

Avoid taking another drop, or two, or three in large quantities because you don’t “feel anything”! 

It sometimes takes longer (even three weeks!) to register a “feeling change”. Changes can be subtle and often recognized later. 

In time you will come to appreciate and love the unique quality in this kind of traditional medicinal application (see Dosage below). 

Remember … this application helps you to increase personal awareness. Get to know what you are doing … don’t block insight and healing effects with hasty or random actions. Co-operate calmly – and you will always treasure it. 


Throughout the process, monitor how you are feeling. The supplement will affect the functioning of the left and right brain hemispheres giving preference to the latter. For you to accept it at all, you need to be present and comfortable with it. 

You can let us know how you experience it … as we may be able to help with some suggestions.


If you took “too much”' you will ignite a “detox” effect which is desirable by the body, but may be challenging 

During such a detox your heart will be mobilised to beat faster in order to support carrying away toxins, which can be read as anxiety. 

Solution: Lay down, put your feet up, have a cup of your favourite tea and put your favourite music on! Know that things are leaving your body – and let it go without fear. The discomfort will dissipate in time and you will calm down. Chew 3 black peppercorns – as piperine counteracts such effects; avoid mango.

Occupy your mind with light-hearted content, even your favourite comedy!

And practice a bit of waiting in an instant and impatient world!

Besides, there are no known cases of people dying from too large doses of cannabis - only temporary discomfort – which may take 30 minutes or a few hours.  

In rare cases it can be accompanied by diarrhoea, sweating and vomiting – which is extremely unlikely. This more extreme manifestation is referred to as a healing crisis which is a common phase in all healing modalities. It is the innate body response to an opportunity for deeper change. 

In the unlikely event of the above happening, you may still be pleasantly surprised afterwards by deep internal shifts, even if it was simply to move through the fear in your imagination - without any harm! 

Get to know what you are doing … Co-operate calmly… Create consciousness


As with any medicinal application, dosage is vital. 

If an allopathic prescription indicates “one tablet”, you won’t just randomly increase it to three! And neither would you share your medication randomly with friends or strangers. 

In psychiatric medicine, dosages and/or combinations are often adjusted to suit the individual patient. 

This protocol is the same for cannabis. 

So ... dosage, timing and frequency differ from person to person. This cannot be emphasized enough. 

Your personal prescription is dependent on your age, weight, physical and psychological condition, sensitivity, confidence, experience, expectations and other substances taken. 

See the 'CONCERNS' section for more information.



We are looking for a 'sweet spot' with regards to dosage, which means that after initial guidance you are in charge of dosage increase/decrease. At all times you need to be able to:

  1. Go to the bathroom (at night especially) by yourself without being too dizzy to do it.
  2. Function at the necessary level of focus and awareness 
  3. Feel that the product is effective.  

The cannabis application helps you to increase personal awareness… Get to know what you are doing … co-operate with the plant substance. 


In time a process develops which one could call 'cannabinoid saturation'. It is your body’s endocannabinoid system that rewired towards homeostasis.   

Therefore you may notice different levels of tolerance towards the supplement. It may call for both increasing, decreasing, or taking a break! 

Respect inner guidance and when inclined, call for a consultation.


You may consider taking a regular break, for example two days a week. Or take it only two days a week. This depends entirely on your needs and expectations.




A special warning if you take blood thinners, blood pressure and heart medication, diabetes regulators, anti-depressants, epileptic medicine, sleeping medication and all anti-psychotic medication... 

Contact us first if you take any of these medications or other substances


The dosages on this website pertain to Golden Cobra products here. You cannot transfer dosage prescriptions from other brands to Golden Cobra without any former experience of this product. 


Small children often adapt very fast and can take bigger quantities than one thinks. A careful selection of strains and strengths can assist children struggling with a school environment and attention span. 

Some older people take to the tinctures like ducks to water... Some experience a fear of loss of control (which is more fear than reality)... But generally older age groups benefit with better sleep, less anxiety, less pain, more mobility, more physical sensations, increased appetite and increased happiness. 

Those concerned with taking mind altering substances feel safer with topical applications and suppositries. 


Petite people may be more robust in their response than their weightier counterparts. Only experience will shed light on the appropriate dosage for you, irrespective of weight.  So... always be conscious of what you do and what you feel...


Some very ill beings (humans and animals) may need large doses in order to improve – but the reality of the application is that the dosage can only be increased gradually for medical stability. 

Some people are able to scale up fast, while some never need to scale up and do well on constant minimal doses. 

The same considerations go for healthy people seeking inner growth, evolution and improvement.

In a nutshell, the cannabis application requires you to develop inner tracking skills and a sense of presence. 


Sensitive people should always start slowly.


Fearful people should always start slowly. Some confident people invariably experiment – with different results. 


If you wish for a sporadic entertainment aid, test the effects first and adjust BEFORE the day you want it. Golden Cobra products work well as a healthier replacement for harmful substances in cases of alcohol abuse and smoked cannabis abuse etc.  


If you are administering to a loved one - always start slowly and consider taking some yourself to resonate with the product.


Since the whole plant absorbs particles, as well as all energy forms it encounters (light etc) -- it is worthwhile to understand the journey of the medicine from the source of the seed.

When presented with any product other than Golden Cobra, we advise you to ask the following questions: 

  • How were the plants grown? There must be an absence of chemicals, artificial fertilizer, insecticides sprayed on the plants, present in the water – or in the immediate environment – roads, adjacent farms and industry. 

  • What plants were used - cannabis or hemp? For example, hemp contains CBD and is void of THC – but maybe have an inferior CBD profile for your intention.

  • If it is a CBD product, and comes from an isolate? Be aware that the plant as an isolate has lost its integrity in an approved laboratory process.

  • What plant strains are used? You may be interested in a huge variety of strains available – and thus more selective regarding your needs, for example Indica / Sativa combinations will support different genetic blueprints depending on geography of origin. Ask about CBD to THC ratios and CBD and THC levels. Generally speaking the best ratio for healing is 50:50, but you may prefer lower THC if you need to function during the day. Another question - is this strain used for a smoking market, or medicinal market?

  • Indoor or outdoor plants? Would you prefer a plant infused in sunlight, or in LED? Do you want your medicinal substance to be connected to the entire energetic sustenance system of the cosmos? Or do you prefer the plant to be more controlled in order to be more scalable, divisible and repeatable for approval by industry, commercial gain and drug administration?

  • What is the method of extraction and solvents used? For example, petroleum derived solvents contain heavy metals that are hard to remove and would permeate the blood-brain barrier if present in the oil. Anything carried by the oil goes through blood-brain barrier. In addition, some extraction methods overheat the plant considerably, diminishing its capacity whilst making it more mind altering, creating an illusion that is stronger and thus better!


Always start when you have no tasks ahead! For example in the evening, or the beginning of a weekend. If necessary, lower the dosage. See 'OOPS … I HAVE TAKEN TOO MUCH!' above if you feel you have taken too much. 




A personal consultation is strongly advised to find the right balance of product and dosage for your personal needs. 


We have a variety of available plant mixes to support any current or possible body healing needs:


2020-C2 Complex CBD

Calm, energy giving,  dedicated to do repair healing work, puts some to sleep and some not, complex healing action, full spectrum. Strains: Critical Mass CBD, Y-Griega CBD, Blue Shark CBD.


THC dominant but with strong medicinal CBDs - relaxing, introspective, pain relieving, sleep inducing at the right dose, potential journey material. Strains: Shiva's Gift, Northern Lights, Malawi Cob. Malakoff.

Amnesia CBD

Plant high in both CBDs and THC. Creative, relaxing, calming, perfect for an early eve for into the night sleep

In addition

We have a selection of undistilled, cold prepped, green, whole plant CBDA/THCA alcohol based tinctures.

These NEED to be taken with WATER!


Golden Cobra Mixes can come in a variety of formats, customised to suit your needs

Tinctures in MCT Oil

Base: Refined Coconut Oil
Sizes: 10, 20, 30ml
Concentration: 10, 20, 30%

Topical Creams

Base: Coconut Oil
Sizes: 50, 100ml
Concentration: 2, 4, 6%

Whole  Plant Green Tinctures

Sizes: 10,20, 30ml

Essential Oil

Sizes: 1ml+


DIY or on special request


All prices depend on the content of the essential oil plus minimal preparation cost. Please contact us for any questions in this regard.

1ml of essential oil costs R400.

10ml of 10% tincture costs R500.
50ml of 2% topical cream costs R500.
10ml of Green tincture costs R500

You will be responsible for courier costs if required.


10ml = 200 drops
1 drop of 10% tincture has 5mg of essential oil.
1ml of essential oil has 20 rice-grain size portions (50mg) and 40 matchstick size portions (25mg)

Label Information

Individual, hand-made labels can reference the exact composition of your individual product. The reference could let you know exactly what strains are in it, how much of the essential oil is in it and what other products are in it. There may be some basic information regarding further reading (always a good idea), Indica / Sativa heritage and CBD/THC ratios. The latter are best referenced per strain or seed house online.



Day/Night MCT oil based tinctures

Either in the morning or 1 hour before sleep or, if comfortable, to relax from 6-7pm. Put 1 to 2 drops directly in your mouth or onto a piece of food. Swallow.

The initial dosage can be increased gradually over a period of weeks even months (to about 8) when you will be ready for a stronger product. If you start taking tincture at night, at some point you may feel confident to safely take a drop or two in the morning before creative work for example.

MCT tinctures can be used topically.

Topical Cream

Apply topically (on the skin) liberally 2-3 times daily. It is edible and can be used internally, but other products are better suited for that. Rub the cream in well. If you can, allow a few minutes for it to be absorbed before putting your clothes on as it might stain. Hot water with detergent or alcohol will remove any stains caused by the cream.

Essential Oil

If you have never taken oil before, never smoked cannabis, know yourself to be sensitive or afraid, please ask for a tincture instead. Otherwise start from a dose the size of half a matchstick head or quarter rice grain.


Liquid Suppository (MCT tincture bottle with pipette)
In the evening, just before going to bed, open a capsule and put 1 to 5 drops in the bottom, larger section. Close it (until it clicks shut), rub a small amount of lubricant on to the capsule (any edible fat or Vaseline will do) and insert anally. Go to bed. Please let me know how the night went. Start slowly and increase the dosage gradually.

Suppositories in capsules
Keep in the fridge / freezer. Before bed, take and capule out of the fridge/freezer and gently warm it up with your fingers. Open the capsule, slip the suppository out quickly and insert into your anus. Go to sleep.

N.B. These can be used as vaginal pesaries.

Green Tincture (undistilled!)

A pipette with a light green liquid. This can become your daily joy!

The best is to have a small shot glass with a little water in it. Add 2 to 3 drops of the tincture, it will get milky. Put the liquid in your mouth and swirl for a short while, then swallow.

N.B. Please do NOT apply directly without mixing it down with a liquid! It contains a large amount of alcohol.

Take the mix in the morning (before or after a meal). If you feel that it agrees with you, repeat at lunchtime at will. This green THCA tincture is very gentle yet powerful and will work subtly on many levels.



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